ICAR-Central Arid Zone Research Institute,Jodhpur(Rajasthan)-342005
(ISO 9001:2008)

  • To enhance the productivity of kharif and rabi crops through popularization of improved production technology
  • Promotion of Agri-silvi-hort. pastoral system for sustainability and livelihood security.
  • Popularization of the technology on soil and water conservation.
  • Development of livestock based farming system and to enhance livestock productivity of indigenous livestock through adoption of scientific management.
Major Thrust Area
Improving crop productivity through-
1. Introduction of improved varieties for Bajra, Mungbean, Moth bean, Sesame & Guar in non-irrigated and Mustard, Castor, Wheat, Cumin & Vegetables in irrigated areas.
2. Line sowing.
3. Improving soil fertility through compost making.
Promotion of fodder production through-
1. Pasture development of Dhaman grass.
2. Cultivation of Lucerne, sorghum & oat.
3. Plantation of perennial grasses and top feed trees on field boundaries.
Promotion of alternate land use system through-
1. Silva-pastoral
2. Horti-pastoral
3. Agro-horticulture
4. Insitu ber budding in local plants
5. Arid horticulture
Enhancement of livestock productivity through-
1. Balanced feeding involving palliated cattle feed, Tumba seed cake, enriched dry fodder (by urea spray & ensiling) and vitamin-mineral mixture.
2. Upgrading of indigenous cattle by Tharparkar breed.
3. Animal health care through vaccination against commonly preventive contagious diseases, veterinary First Aid, and deworming.
4. Optimizing reproductive efficiency of cows, buffaloes, sheep and goat through regular infertility camps.


Jurisdiction Area

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Upcomming Events

  1. Front Line Demonstration in Rabi Crops

  2. Celebration of Women's Day in Agriculture on 4th December 2015

  3. Training Programme of Farmers and Farm Women, in Collaboration of ATMA, Jodhput

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